Final Project: BCM310

Find my final project for BCM310: Emerging Issues in Media &Communication here:


Looking at Animals: for entertainment or conservation?

Animals are becoming increasingly evident throughout global media and popular culture… however this starkly contrasts with their continuing disappearance from our everyday lives, and from Planet Earth entirely. Consequently, it is important to analyse how animals are portrayed in the media, and how humanising species can be both advantageous and detrimental to animal and environmental …

Feminism and the Power of Selfies

Selfies are front page news, subject to intense, widespread public and private scrutiny, shaming and revelation. - Jerry Saltz, 2014 Four days ago, Kim Kardashian, true to form, posted a nude selfie on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, a myriad of responses ensued, from both the general public and well-known female artists, actresses and public figures. Both the image posted and the responses to it, raise questions about …